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Precision Medicine: An open letter from Miro Venturi


Dear Colleagues,

In recent times, we have seen advances in precision medicine lead to powerful discoveries and improved patient care. Liquid biopsies for example, now have the potential to be a real game-changer in cancer testing and could revolutionise cancer care.

The effects that precision medicine can have on cancer treatment is undeniably exciting, while it is also clear that precision medicine doesn’t only affect immuno-oncology. Conversations must continue to take place around strategies and technologies to enable these new discoveries, as well as research and development efforts in biomarkers, companion diagnostics and big data.

It is always an excellent opportunity to be around people who share my enthusiasm for research in precision medicine and that is why I am thoroughly looking forward to the 4th Global Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit. It’s a privilege to be opening the second day of the Summit with my presentation on the future of personalised healthcare and the interplay of diseases, information and technologies and I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts.

I look forward to meeting you in Munich in September.

Best wishes,
Miro Venturi

Global Head, Diagnostics Biomarkers & Personalized Healthcare, Roche Diagnostics Division

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