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Precision Medicine: Molecular Phenotyping, Diagnostic Development & Patient Subpopulations


As industry developments continue to improve, the potential for personalised medicine and the possibility of individual diagnosis is on the horizon. These slides, from the Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit: Europe are now available from Andres Hurtado-Lorenzo, Thorsten Gutjahr & Thomas Skot Jensen.

Towards Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
In this presentation, Andres Hurtado-Lorenzo highlights current advances towards the integration of clinical and molecular phenotyping for early prediction of complicated disease course at diagnosis and response to biological therapy.

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Precision Medicine at AstraZeneca: a patient-centric approach
In this slide deck, Dr Thorsten Gutjahr describes AstraZeneca’s approach in Precision Medicine with the focus on ‘the right patient’ and explains actual diagnostic development examples including case studies.

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Precision Medicine in a Data Rich Era – Key Challenges and Successful Approaches
Thomas Skot Jensen presents critical challenges and successful approaches in understanding patient subpopulations and uses this information to correctly identify 85-95% of the patients that respond to a particular treatment.

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