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Probiotic Foods and Supplements: An Open Letter From Paul Cotter

Paul Cotter

Dear Colleagues,

Fermentation, commonly used to preserve foods, has become the latest “gut health” phenomenon. Fermented foods contain an array of microorganisms which have the potential to confer health benefits to individuals that ingest them. In fact, there are several fermented beverages and foods currently on the market purported to be health-promoting; not all of which are equally beneficial.

In order to get a better understanding of the potential health benefits of food, it was once necessary to culture the microorganisms present before carrying out detailed investigations. But, unlike culture based approaches, DNA sequencing isn’t dependent on having a specific type of agar/culture/media that allows microbes to grow.

Sequencing can give insights into the health-promoting genes within fermented foods, regardless of whether the corresponding microbes are easy to grow or not, providing a more rigorous examination of the microorganisms present in food and the health benefits they confer. My keynote presentation at the 2nd Probiotics Congress: USA will not only give an overview of the health promoting attributes of fermented foods, but will also discuss the microbial composition of certain fermented foods, and how we can harness this knowledge.

I look forward to meeting you in San Diego this November.

Best wishes,

Paul Cotter
Head of Department, Food Biosciences, Teagasc, and PI, APC Microbiome Institute, Republic of Ireland

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