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Probiotics Congress: Europe Presentation Slides


Following the Probiotics Congress: Europe, we have made the following presentation slides from Jean-Francois Brugère, Grégory Lambert, Bruno Pot and Koen Venema available.

Time to consider Archaea as pharmabiotics for cardiovascular disease and more
Archaea are not bacteria nor eukaryotes, but fundamentally different microorganisms possessing unique features. Jean-Francois Brugère discusses the genetic and metabolic specificities which seem to make these microorganisms appropriate for some applications in humans.

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ProbioSatys, Naturally modulating the appetite via the microbiome
Grégory Lambert shares details about TargEDys, a French clinical stage biotech company aiming to control metabolic disease by modulating the appetite through intervention on the microbiome.

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Shared responsibility for Industry, Regulators and Press: what to do to get the consumer correctly informed on probiotics?
The potential role of probiotics to positively impact this microbiota is being supported by numerous research observations, either in the lab or in the hospital. Bruno Pot discusses the responsibility of various stakeholders to communicate with consumers in an accurate and balanced way.

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Ingestion of probiotic Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 increases plant protein digestion in a dynamic, computer-controlled in vitro model of the small intestine (TIM-1)
Koen Venema shares promising data showing the effect of the simultaneous addition of BC30 on plant protein digestion in a dynamic in vitro model of the upper GI tract; leading to increased protein digestion of pea protein, rice protein and soy protein when evaluated by alpha-amino nitrogen analyses.

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The Probiotics & Prebiotics Congress: USA agenda contains numerous presentations on probiotics discovery and product development, as well as prebiotics, diet and nutrition. Click here to download the agenda.

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