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Rabies diagnostics with RT-PCR assays, Liquid Diagnostics and What the Future Holds for Digital PCR


With its reduction in cost, and an increased number of real-time PCR users purchasing Digital PCR, the qPCR and Digital PCR market is predicted to grow to $4.94 billion by 2021. At the 4BIO event in San Francisco, three dedicated tracks proved a timely opportunity to learn first-hand about dPCR whilst keeping up-to-date with latest market developments and strategies. If you weren’t able to be there in person, these slides are now available from Hestia Mellert, Olivier Thas and Yu Li.

Developments and validations of pan-lyssavirus RT-qPCR assays for rabies diagnostics
In 2018, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) recommended pan-lyssavirus PCR assays as one of primary diagnostic tests for rabies. Lyssavirus is highly diverged, sequences similarities among different species are as low as 60%. A design of pan-lyssavirus qPCR assay is challenging.

Data Analysis Pipelines and Tools for dPCR Experiments

Olivier Thas’ presentation gives an overview of data analysis pipelines and easy-to-use applets that have been developed at Ghent University.

Development, Commercialization and Onmarket Improvement Liquid Diagnostic Tests in Lung Cancer

In these presentation slides, Hestia Mellert describes on-market test improvements as well as on-going feasibility and product development projects for qPCR.

The 4BIO Summit: Europe will take place in Rotterdam, November 27th-28th. Time is running out to guarantee your place, book now to avoid disappointment.  

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