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The Development and Commercialisation of Robust Circulating DNA & RNA Tests


Precision medicine in oncology requires matching each patient with treatment personalised to their genes and often the proteomic profile of their cancer. Liquid biopsies continue to gain grounds as a tool for diagnostic testing in oncology. Oncologists appreciate the rapid availability of results and the ability to perform longitudinal testing. Some tests provide results as quickly as 72 hours from the time the specimen is received.

Patients prefer tests that are non-invasive and have reduced risks when compared to a more traditional tissue biopsy. Liquid biopsies are already in widespread clinical use for both prognosis and treatment assessment in several tumour types, including lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer.

As demand for liquid biopsies continues to rise, methods and technologies for developing these tests need to be more widely understood. In this presentation from Biodesix, development of a blood-based test that measures genetic alterations from both circulating DNA and RNA using a droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) platform is discussed. Dr Hestia Mellert, reviews the relationship between ddPCR, liquid biopsy and reviews the development process used to create the GeneStrat® blood-based test. View the presentation slides here:

Hestia Mellert
 will be joining us at the Diagnostic Technologies Summit in September where she will be presenting on the Development and Commercialisation of Liquid Diagnostic Tests in Lung Cancer.


To see who will be presenting alongside Hestia, take a look at the full agenda for Diagnostic Technologies Summit, here

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