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The Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress presentation slides


Following the Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: Europe, we have made the following presentation slides from Richard Andrews, Ingmar Claes, Marie Drago & Maya Ivanjesku available.

Microbiome Products to address skin health and appearance
Skin diseases and conditions are often the result of a complicated interaction of dysbiosis and protein deficiencies. Richard Andrews talks about Azitra’s proprietary treatments which use natural commensal organism to address the underlying causes of skin conditions.

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The use of ‘live’ beneficial lactobacilli to treat skin conditions
Ingmar Claes talks about using live beneficial lactobacilli as an alternative to antibiotics in impacting the skin microbiome. YUN’s unique R&D platform allows them to keep bacteria alive in water-based environments.

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The Scalp Microbiome – Changing Haircare
The skin microbiome is the biggest trend in beauty. Marie Drago discusses the scalp microbiome, which is relatively unknown but could lead to a new generation of products.

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Lysates vs Live Probiotic cultures in skincare – what are the benefits and differences?
Maya Ivanjesku explores the question: are there any differences using lysates vs live and active probiotic cultures when it comes to skin treatment products that are driven by results?

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The Skin Microbiome & Cosmeceuticals Congress: USA agenda has been designed to allow you discover how companies are successfully translating microbiome research into skincare products, as well as to understand the regulatory hurdles and other obstacles to the cosmeceuticals market. Click here to view the agenda.

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