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Software and Systems for Digital Pathology

Presented at the 4th Digital Pathology Congress, these 3 sets of slides on software and systems for digital pathology are available. Feel free to download and share with your colleagues.

Open and Collaborative Software for Digital Pathology 

Take a look at how Cytomine, an open-source and extensive web platform, can be used as an open source alternative to proprietary software for digital pathology.

View the slides

An Image Retrieval System for Digital Pathology 


There are currently opportunities to develop image analysis and retrieval systems to support pathologists during their clinical routine.

View the slides

Implementing Digital Pathology in Leading Cancer Centres

Dr. Pedro Oliveira explores the result of implementing digital pathology software and systems in cancer centres for both radiology and pathology.

View the slides

Take a look at the agenda for the upcoming Digital Pathology & AI Congress, to be held in London on the 6th – 7th December 2018.


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