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Supporting Blockchain Startups: An Open Letter from Katherine Merton

Blockchain Katherine Merton

Dear colleagues,

The blockchain technology market is expected to grow to 2.3 billion US dollars by 2021, from 339.5 million US dollars in 2017. [1] With an annual growth rate of 61.5%, it is one of the fastest growing technologies in the healthcare industry.

One of the biggest challenges for blockchain start-ups is knowing where to find your feet in an industry with such rapid growth. Start-ups such as ICO, which started in January 2017 and attracted $37 million in 18 minutes, [2] and Patientory, which has raised more than $7 million from investors, however, have been successful. [3]

Today, there are more than 140 start-ups working in seven JLAB facilities across the US and Canada. Our overriding mission? To give start-ups the operational tools, infrastructure and mentoring opportunities necessary to realise their brilliant ideas to ensure that they reach patients and consumers as quickly as possible.

In my upcoming presentation at the Blockchain in Healthcare Congress, I will be examining what start-ups need to succeed and what larger corporations, such as Johnson & Johnson, can do to support their growth.

I look forward to meeting you in London.

Kind regards,

Katherine Merton

Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS @ NYC, USA

Please find a full list of references here

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