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The Big List of Microfluidics Companies & Investors

The microfluidic-based devices market has been growing since 2014 due to the increasing point of care testing demand and the miniaturisation of microfluidic chips. 

Some of the key players include Mission Bio, NanoCellect Biomedical, RainDance Technologies and Sphere Fluidics. In 2018, we have already seen investments from Venrock, CARB-X and Blackhorn Ventures.

The microfluidic-based devices market is expected to increase in value throughout the next few years with a predicted worth of 27.91 Billion USD by 2023[1].

We have compiled a list of 119 microfluidic companies and the investors so you can see the new start-ups, the most active investors and the date of their investment. Download the spreadsheet to see who’s investing and when.

Download the list here.

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