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The Future of Personalised Medicine, Companion Diagnostics & AI


It was a pleasure to welcome back Miro Venturi to the Global Precision & Biomarkers Leaders Summit, our keynote speaker who spoke on the future of personalised medicine and the interplay of diseases, information and technologies. After his presentation, we sat down with him to get more of an insight into his thoughts on the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself

In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as a passionate drug developer and diagnosis developer – as well as father to a beautiful 16-month-old baby.

In terms of my duties at Roche, I’m responsible for the global biomarker and personalised healthcare activities for Roche Diagnostics Division. The idea is that we need to have something that works in clinical practice that satisfies physicians and labs and that provides the best diagnosis with solutions to patients. In oncology particularly, we are trying to go beyond the simple companion diagnostics into more solution thinking.

For instance, we already have products in the market from a diagnosis point of view. For instance, NAVIFY is a molecular tumour board that allows physicians to collect all the different information around patients and then consult in real time. It’s an oncology solution that goes in the direction of precision medicine but goes beyond the simple test companion diagnostics.

What are your predictions for the future of precision medicine?

We are going to have tough conversations with players and regulators. Healthcare systems will have to consider the challenge of paying for those type of solutions – and by solutions, I mean the right combination of drugs with the right test, because the current system is very difficult to scale and to make affordable to everyone.

How do you see AI impacting precision medicine?

It will depend on how efforts will be coordinated across the different players, depending if they want to have a stake in it. It will be transformative, but it is difficult to tell just how big the impact will be.

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