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Translating Microbiome Futures

Microbiome Futures Roadmap

In May of this year, Nature Biotechnology and Global Engage convened a panel of leaders in the microbiome field that included CEOs and CSOs of several microbiome companies, representatives from big pharmas working in the space, and top academics from the New York area and beyond to discuss the current state of the art in human microbiome research and its translation into therapies.

The discussion was held at the New York Academy of Medicine and covered a range of key issues that included the regulatory landscape, the spectrum of modalities, the variety of potential therapeutic and preventative applications, and preclinical, clinical and manufacturing challenges.

The main outcomes of the discussion have now been summarized and published in Nature Biotechnology. We invite you to read this insightful piece by clicking here.

The Microbiome Futures project was produced with support from the following sponsors: Takeda Pharmaceutical, Quay Pharmaceuticals, Diversigen, Qiagen and Taconic Biosciences.

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