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What’s been happening in precision medicine this month?

There has been some interesting news, discoveries and development to catch up on this month in the world of precision medicine. Take a look at the list below to find out more:

1. NCI-MATCH precision medicine clinical trial releases new findings, strengthens path forward for targeted cancer therapies

New results offer findings of interest for future cancer research that could ultimately play a role in bringing targeted treatments to patients with certain gene abnormalities, regardless of their cancer type.

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2. PanCAN Publishes Hopeful Precision Medicine Results

 Precision medicine allows a patient’s treatment decisions to be based on the specific biological features of their tumour – and the paper’s results suggest that patients who undergo treatment aligned with their tumour’s characteristics had improved. 

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3. Tailoring cancer treatment to genetic profile extends lives, study finds

Cancer patients with diseases that are difficult to treat may live longer if doctors engage in genetic sequencing and then match treatment to their illness, a long-term “precision medicine” study has found.

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4. Australian precision medicine revolution for kidney disease receives bumper Federal Government investment
Australian precision medicine revolution for kidney disease receives bumper Federal Government investment


$22 million cash injection into a pioneering Australian company, the largest investment by the Federal Government’s Biotechnology Translation Fund, is set to transform the treatment of kidney disease.

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5. Marketing personalized cancer treatments requires careful language
 Marketing personalized cancer treatments requires careful language  

It’s not unusual for the promise and perception of new cancer treatments to run ahead of the reality. Cancer specialist Leonard Saltz illuminates why “Therapies tailored to individual tumours must not be oversold”

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The Precision Medicine & Biomarkers Leaders Summit is taking place this October in Munich, Germany. View the agenda now for more details. 

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