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Medicinal Chemistry Resources

Welcome to the Medicinal Chemistry resources page: a curated list of slide decks.

These resources were produced from our Medicinal Chemistry series of events.


Applications of AI in Drug Design

Ola Engkvist, Associate Director and Team Leader, AstraZeneca

DNA-encoded libraries – library design, synthesis tools, and selection of bioactive compounds

Andreas Bruschweiger, Research Group Leader, TU Dortmund University

A Farewell to Pharm

GILAD LANDAN Gilad Landan, Senior Scientist, Lavvan

Presentation Slides

DNA-encoded Library Screening in Living Cells

Dr. Iolanda Micco, Associate Director of Chemistry & Alliances, Vipergen

Next-Gen Drug Discovery: An Integrated Micro-Droplet Based Platform

Alexander Alanine, Chief Operating Officer, Bactevo

Accessing genetically tagged heterocycle libraries via a chemoresistant DNA

Andreas Brunschweiger, Research Group Leader, TU, Dortmund

Using antitumor agents to probe the sensitivity contexts of cancer cells and assess the validity of target combinations

Eduard R. Feider, Director, Head of Chemical Core Technologies, Oncology Research, Nerviano Medical Sciences

AI-assisted lead optimization with SynSpace

Greg Makara, ChemPass Ltd.

Inventing, developing and commercialising targeted small-molecule drugs for patients living with cancer

Mark Boys, Principal Research Investigator, Array Biopharma

The Application of Chemical Technologies and Novel Library Design Protocols to Access Desirable Chemical Space for Fragment and DEL-based Lead Discovery

Dr Paul Colbon, CEO and Director, Industrial Chemist

Targeting giants – the pharmacology of adhesions GPCRs

Torsten Schoneberg, Head of the Institute, Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig

More (and better data): How data quality can improve AI predictions

Dr. Yugal Sharma, Senior Director, CAS Solutions

Poster Presentations

Predicting protein-ligand binding using quantum mechanics


The advantages biosynthesis of cannabinoids has over traditional cultivation and the challenges this presents.

Jeremy Friedberg