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Tag: bioinformatics

Using genome editing technology within a systems biology approach to understand plant immunity

Interested in systems biology, omics technology, and plant bioinformatics? Catch up with one of our speakers from the 8th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: Europe, Professor Kristina Gruden…

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Managing plant stress in the era of climate change: Realising global sustainable development goals

Dr Salme Timusk was the first to show that native soil bacteria have the ability to protect plants against drought conditions. Salme writes here about plant microbiome interaction studies: how they can facilitate plant health and contribute to solutions for climate change.

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The Development of New Therapies in Skin Microbiome: The Ultimate Reward

We spoke to Lindsay Kalan, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison about wound healing, the similarities between gut and skin microbiome and what the future holds for the development of new therapies.

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Research and business opportunities in clinical microbiomics

This article was originally published in Health Europa Quarterly on 3 May 2018, and is published here with permission.

Exploring areas of research and development related to the microbiome – the collective name for the micro-organisms living in the human body – is the central topic of the annual Microbiome R&D Business Collaboration Forum. This year’s focus at the event was on business collaboration and private investment into research and development projects in the microbiome.

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Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: 7 Design Principles to Empower Life Science Researchers

Life sciences research is increasingly relying on big data analytics to drive scientific discovery. One of the contributing factors to this trend is the fact that researchers are confronted with a rapidly growing body of scientific literature and databases required to interpret experimental outcomes.

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Reproducibility in Computational Biology

Recently Baker and Lithgow (Baker, 2016; Lithgow, et al., 2017) highlighted the problem of the reproducibility in research. Reproducibility criticality affects to different extent a large portion of the science fields (Baker, 2016). Bioinformatics is becoming a key element of many biological/medical studies (Searls, 2010) and reproducibility is also an important issue in this field (Kanwal, et al., 2017; Sandve, et al., 2013).

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Digital pathology and bioinformatics: two sides of the same story

The last decade saw an impressive uptake of digital pathology technologies fueled by technological and methodological developments in whole slide image acquisition, processing and analysis. Besides the continuous improvements in scanner technology – coupled with decreasing storage prices – the development of machine learning methods led to a new generation of algorithms for image segmentation and interpretation.

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