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The Future of Personalised Medicine, Companion Diagnostics & AI

It was a pleasure to welcome back Miro Venturi to the Global Precision & Biomarkers Leaders Summit, our keynote speaker who spoke on the future of personalised medicine and the interplay of diseases, information and technologies. After his presentation, we sat down with him to get more of an insight into his thoughts on the future.

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The Uterine Microbiome as a Biomarker for Endometrial Cancer

Image credit: Hey Paul Studios, Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

When asked about her team’s biggest success to date, Marina Walther-Antonio, a Mayo Clinic researcher, highlights the recently published study in Genome Medicine, identifying a unique vaginal microbiome for patients with endometrial cancer. This new discovery could lead to a biomarker for early detection and screening for the disease. It has led to similar research projects to study the impact of the microbiome on ovarian cancer.

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Upcoming Developments in Precision Medicine

Future of immunotherapies

Immunotherapies are on the fast growth trajectory which will be moderated based on responder groups, toxicity and efficacy results and high costs and increasingly used in combination therapies. The overall immune oncology checkpoint inhibitor market was over $2.0 billion and is set to grow to $14 billion by 2018.

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