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The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Kurt Hankenson works at the interface of basic and clinical research, encompassing what is commonly referred to as “translational research”. His laboratory is part of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories at the University of Michigan Medical School. The Orthopaedic Research Laboratories, which Hankenson refers to as the ORL, is a consortium of faculty laboratories and there are six members who are focused on studying different aspects of orthopaedics; from bone to soft tissue injuries.

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The future of cancer therapeutics in the biomaterials space

We caught up with Morgan Alexander, Professor of Biomedical Surfaces, University of Nottingham, to discuss the issues within the NHS, barriers to moving biomaterials work into the clinic, and exciting advancements within the biomaterials space.

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Engineering Complex Tissues: Let Nature Take its Course

Most tissues in our body are complex entities, containing multiple support structures like vascular networks. Ideally, this complexity should be reproduced when engineering a tissue substitute. This is important for functionality if the goal is to use the engineered tissue as a substitute for donor material, but also to ensure a physiological response in cases where the tissue will be used as a screening platform.

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Can Polyurethane Biomaterials Open a New Era in Tissue Engineering?

Tissue engineering/regenerative medicine (TERM) combines three-dimensional matrices, also known as scaffolds, cells and bioactive molecules (e.g. proteins, growth factors) to design functional constructs that have the capability to restore, maintain or improve the functionality of damaged tissues or whole organs.

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