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How effective commercialisation will benefit your AgTech startup

Over the past thirty years, Donald R. Marvin, President and CEO of Concentric, has established an impressive track record for building exceptional value for stakeholders at several life science and agri-food companies. Formerly New Jersey’s CFO of the year, he has raised over $350 million in both private and public financing and completed nearly a dozen M&A transactions for his former companies.

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NIZO – A Case Study: helping you create microbiome modulators

Companies typically approach contract research companies with the aim to better understand single organisms, groups of organisms, metabolic pathways and the interaction with the host that make up the microbiome. In addition, companies search for compounds or modulators that could improve in the end the healthy state of the host. Such modulators could be prebiotics, probiotics, enzyme inhibitors, antimicrobials and more.

NIZO is an independent contract research company that works on proteins, bacteria and processing on behalf of their global client base in food and pharma. Their unique business model centres around performing industrially relevant research projects for the industry under strict confidentiality and with clear IP clauses.

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