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Science Communication: challenges to ensure innovation can prove itself scientifically

John Entine is a science journalist who has been writing about sustainability issues in biotechnology for 30 years. He has written numerous books on both population genetic related issues and agricultural biotechnology. Presenting at the Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress, he gave his perspective on the communication challenges faced by scientists by looking specifically at gene drives and addressing misunderstandings about what the technology can do and active opposition to it by some environmental groups.

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The Synergistic Relationship Between University and Industry: A Case Study

All companies look to universities for the training and expertise of their future workforce. Yet, many companies have discovered that relationships with universities can yield much more than access to future staff members.

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The national view of digital diagnostic pathology

A national view of digital diagnostic pathology could enhance patient management through improved communication within and between organisations. This is the belief of Tim Helliwell, Vice President of Learning at the Royal College of Pathologists.

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Effective communication & management of test results

The World Alliance for Patient Safety has identified poor test result management as a high priority patient safety area. Evidence-based reviews have shown that pathology and imaging test results fail to be followed up in 20% to 62% of inpatients, and in up to 75% of patients treated in an emergency department [1]. Poor test result follow-up can have major consequences for quality of care, including missed diagnoses and sub-optimal patient outcomes.

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