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Tag: Digital PCR

Multiplex Super-Selective PCR Assays for the Detection and Quantitation of Rare Somatic Mutations

Professor Fred Kramer spoke at the recent Research & Technology Series exploring Flow Cytometry / qPCR & Digital PCR / Liquid Biopsies. During his presentation, he explained how Super Selective primers enable the simultaneous identification and quantitation of rare somatic mutations in routine multiplex PCR assays, while virtually eliminating signals from abundant closely related wild-type sequences.

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Multiplex and high fidelity: the potential of qPCR

Ahead of the qPCR & Digital PCR Congress, we sat down with David Zhang to talk about his work with PCR as a diagnostic platform.

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Nucleic Acid Quantification, Mutation Enrichment Technologies & Streamlining Genotyping

In just two years’ time, the digital PCR and qPCR market is set to be worth an estimated $4.94 billion. Dedicated sessions at the 4BIO Summit covered topics such as gene expression analysis, liquid biopsies and high-throughput screening. We have made the following presentation slides from Hendrik Emons, Naomi Park & Mike Makrigiorgos available.

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The Future of Droplet Digital PCR and Blood-Based Assays: An Interview with Gary Pestano and Hestia Mellert

We caught up with Dr. Gary Pestano, VP, Development and Operations, Biodesix, and Dr. Hestia Mellert, Director, Development, Biodesix, at the 5th qPCR and Digital PCR Congress at 4Bio, where we discussed novel applications, single-cell technology, and the future of ddPCR and PCR.

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How To Avoid Unnecessary Data Loss In qPCR Reactions

Analysing qPCR data has always been based on setting a quantification threshold and determining the Cvalue which is the fractional number of cycles needed to reach the threshold.

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Challenges And Applications In Using qPCR and Digital PCR For Environmental Samples

The detection of the origin of faecal pollution in complex watersheds is beginning to take a prominent place in hazard identification and risk management policies. 

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Systems-Level Insights into the Synthetic Biology Congress

The Molecular Biology Summit hosted three meetings in parallel: the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress, the Microfluidics Congress, and the Synthetic Biology Congress. Each meeting had talks organised into tracks which took place side-by-side. I attended the Synthetic Biology Congress, which also gave me access to the other two meetings.

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