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Understanding the gut-liver axis: implications for NAFLD prevention and treatment

You may have heard; humans are superorganisms. The human large intestine harbors tens of trillions of microbes, which equates to roughly 2 kg of cells. For reference, that’s how much your brain weighs! Within the gut microbiome, it is estimated that there are over 1,000 different species of bacteria.

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Hafnia alvei HA4597™ – a new clinically validated solution in weight management

Hyperphagia is a common underlying cause of overweight and obesity. However, the dieting approaches towards weight loss are usually ineffective due to a persistent increase in appetite. Most of the current products in weight management are based on the principle of sugar/fat blockers and binders which has proven to be rather short-term solution.

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NIZO – A Case Study: helping you create microbiome modulators

Companies typically approach contract research companies with the aim to better understand single organisms, groups of organisms, metabolic pathways and the interaction with the host that make up the microbiome. In addition, companies search for compounds or modulators that could improve in the end the healthy state of the host. Such modulators could be prebiotics, probiotics, enzyme inhibitors, antimicrobials and more.

NIZO is an independent contract research company that works on proteins, bacteria and processing on behalf of their global client base in food and pharma. Their unique business model centres around performing industrially relevant research projects for the industry under strict confidentiality and with clear IP clauses.

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