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New Digital Pathology Strategies & Re-Imagined Diagnostic Services in the UK

An evaluation of the UK’s pathology capacity by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has identified that over the next 5-10 years “there is likely to be a severe crisis.” The report highlights a 4.5% year-on-year increase in the number and complexity of histopathology requests since 2007/08; the majority of which are for the investigation of cancer.

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Artificial Intelligence – Influencing The Clinical Practice Of Pathologists

Artificial intelligence based applications are quickly improving and they are expected to be a game changer in many fields, including transportation and medicine.

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The Best of Digital Pathology in 2017

It is that time of the year to celebrate the most significant breakthroughs and accomplishments in the field of digital pathology. 2017 has been an exciting year with Philips receiving FDA approval to market their IntelliSite Pathology Solution for primary diagnostic use in the US. 

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From Validation to Practice: Transforming Pathology with Aperio Solutions

Pathology Departments today are faced with many challenges in regards to effectively handling their workflow. More pathologists and technologists are retiring, while demand for specialist pathologists is increasing. Hospital laboratories are being forced to consolidate services and are seeking tools that can help them effectively provide more services without impacting on patient treatment.

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Using 3D imaging to enable new discoveries in medicine

The three-dimensional reconstruction and examination of tissue at microscopic resolution have significant potential to enhance the study of normal and disease processes, particularly those involving structural changes or those in which the spatial relationship of disease features is important. Its application to, or combination with techniques such as immunohistochemistry (IHC) or in situ hybridization, adds further value by allowing understanding of additional phenotypic or functional information.

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Digital pathology and bioinformatics: two sides of the same story

The last decade saw an impressive uptake of digital pathology technologies fueled by technological and methodological developments in whole slide image acquisition, processing and analysis. Besides the continuous improvements in scanner technology – coupled with decreasing storage prices – the development of machine learning methods led to a new generation of algorithms for image segmentation and interpretation.

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Histopathology Diagnosis Using Artificial Intelligence

Pathological examination of a tissue section is considered to be the gold standard in medicine. It plays a critical and legal role in the diagnostic process.

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