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Tag: microfluidics

What does the future hold for Microfluidics?

Microfluidics technology has been applied and adopted across many areas of science and technology over the last 20 years, revolutionising the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and treated. Innovation remains very high in sample analysis and detection and progress has been boosted by the many new tools and procedures created in parallel to enable this.

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Systems-Level Insights into the Synthetic Biology Congress

The Molecular Biology Summit hosted three meetings in parallel: the qPCR and Digital PCR Congress, the Microfluidics Congress, and the Synthetic Biology Congress. Each meeting had talks organised into tracks which took place side-by-side. I attended the Synthetic Biology Congress, which also gave me access to the other two meetings.

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A materials world

What happens between a surface and a fluid stream can lead to foul play. That’s why I’m a materials girl. The complex physics and chemistry of surfaces is an important consideration in any product development, and is particularly important for microfluidic systems where the high surface area to volume ‘concentrates’ the effect of the surface.

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