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Comparing and contrasting publications and patents

University faculty and their research teams are constantly pushing the frontiers of science and engineering in their laboratories. Their research is often funded by government sources (e.g. The National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation), private entities (e.g. Scientific Philanthropy Alliance), or by the respective universities themselves.

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Inter Partes Reviews in Agriculture: 7 Tips for Strengthening Your Patent Portfolios

Inter partes reviews (IPRs) were first introduced as an efficient alternative to District Court litigation by the America Invents Act (AIA) in September, 2012. Compared to other technology areas, the total number and frequency of IPR petitions filed relating to agricultural patents are relatively low. However, IPRs are still a potential threat and patent owners should consider adjusting their patent prosecution strategies in order to protect their intellectual property. Here are seven tips for building robust patent portfolios.

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Medical Diagnostic Tests: Are They Patentable? Don’t Count on it

Patents, long considered a staid area of law, have been undergoing tumultuous and far-reaching changes in recent years. A substantial reason for the turmoil has been a string of Supreme Court decisions affecting the threshold standard as to what subject matter is even eligible for a patent, i.e. whether an invention is something that the patent laws are designed to protect.

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