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Tag: plant genomics

Applications of the CRISPR-System in Plant Resistance Breeding

Recent breeding strategies to improve crop resistance against pathogen attacks mainly rely on resistance genes. However, the genetic resource of resistance is limited in most crops, in particular in oilseed-rape (Brassica napus). However, breeding of resistance crops against new emerging diseases remains a great challenge.

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Future Applications of Setaria: An Open Letter From Tom Brutnell

Dear colleagues,

As Director of the Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels, I oversee many projects at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center with the goal of developing new technologies that will drive sustainable energy production using bioenergy grasses, algae and oilseed crops.

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An Interview with Jane Fife: Promoting Plant Growth and Controlling Disease

Jane Fife has nearly 20 years of expertise in application technology and agricultural biologics. Joining  3Bar Biologics in 2016 as Chief Science Officer, her responsibilities include new product development and leading 3Bar’s long-term R&D portfolio.

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New tools to combat an old foe

Plants are the basis of all life on earth, and the well-being of all humans is entirely dependent on them. Since the dawn of humanity, plants have at one time or another provided all of the essential things we need to survive: clean air, clean water, food, clothing, and shelter from the elements. Without plants, there can be no food security.

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