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Working at GlaxoSmithKline: A process engineer’s perspective

David Lai applies microfluidic droplets for pharmaceutical secondary manufacturing with GSK where he splits his responsibilities between the departments of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Product and Process Engineering, and Drug Design and Selection. We spoke to him about his work.

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Pre-PCR: When Generating PCR-Compatible Samples Becomes Possible

Peter Rådström’s research is about the developments of pre-PCR processing, a method which aims to generate PCR-compatible samples. Diagnostic PCR is often limited by components that interfere with the amplification of PCR inhibitors and pre-PCR can overcome PCR inhibition without impairing the detection limit, addressing all steps leading to PCR amplification, samples treatment and PCR chemistry. This lowers the need for pure extracts, leading to simplified analysis processes and improved detection limits.

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PCR Applications In Host Residual DNA Samples

Host residual DNA (hrDNA) as an impurity in biologic drugs is currently quantified by DNA extraction followed by qPCR. Musaddeq Hussain developed a method for direct qPCR without using DNA extraction from mAb drugs. He gave us his view about the research and challenges of working in the field.

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Aneuploid Screening Of Embryonic Stem Cell Clones By Digital PCR

Researchers at the Institute Clinique de la Souris investigate the role of genetics in health and disease concentrating on experimental variation of genome sequence in mouse models.

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Challenges And Applications In Using qPCR and Digital PCR For Environmental Samples

The detection of the origin of faecal pollution in complex watersheds is beginning to take a prominent place in hazard identification and risk management policies. 

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Ensuring Global Food Security: Genomic Approaches To Crop Diversity

As the world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, global food security represents one of the most researched topics in plant science.

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Skin Commensals and T cells: How Do We Keep the Peace?

Tiffany Scharschmidt spoke to us about her thoughts on the skin microbiome, immune responses and inflammatory skin diseases.

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From Liquid Crystal Displays in 1996 to Microfluidics in 2016

Emmanuel Delamarche is a researcher at IBM Research who presented at our 2nd Microfluidics Congress about his research on precision diagnostics based on modular capillary-driven elements.

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